HOW we do it! Quality Cloth Diapers EVERY Family Can Afford

Posted on November 03 2016

It is true, there are so many different diapers on the market that it can make a new parents head spin. There are quality cloth diapers that cost a small fortune and there are budget friendly options that are a big skimp on quality. 

FuzziBunz is a bit of an anomaly in this equation. While providing a superior quality product with differentiating features from other brands, we can still offer the best price to consumers. 


No. Its not that we care so much about families budgets (even though we do) or that we don't like making as much money as possible (because we want that too) its BECAUSE WE CAN! 

Currently FuzziBunz are sold mainly direct to consumer and through our retail partner Costco.com who is also offering bundled discounts. Being the manufacturer of the product we sell, we can cut out a lot of the cost and pass those savings on to our customers which we are glad to do. 

Being cost effective does not mean cheap or low quality. FuzziBunz cost a pretty penny to produce. It just means we compete on PRICE better than any other brand on the market in our category. 

Quality cloth diapers EVERY family can afford! 


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