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    Baby Of The Week: Vaughan

    Tell us about the sweetest beginning moment you shared with your child?
    The sweetest moment was when we both got home from hospital and my family of now, 4 got to sit on family couch together. It was best feeling to be with my husband, daughter and new baby having dinner for 1st time from the comfort of our couch.  
    Why do you choose FuzziBunz?
    I am considering getting one to send over seas to Armenia. As a donation to a mom to be.  Armenian moms do not have access to disposable diapers and it is so difficult to take care of a baby with minimal access to infant products like diaper creams, disposable diapers, medications, etc. I am donating a care package to a mom to be in Armenia with baby essentials to make her and her new baby's life easier to manage.  
    What is your favorite style from the new line?
    • In The Wild
    What is your favorite print or solid?
    • Sundance
    What is your advice for new moms on their cloth diaper journey?
    Talk to moms who have used these diapers.  
    Favorite Cloth Diapering Tip?
    Check out Facebook pages that are dedicated to cloth diapering!