Getting Started with FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers

  1. Choose Your Diaper Style. Select from FuzziBunz First Year Adjustable cloth diapers (6 - 24 lbs), FuzziBunz One Size Adjustable cloth diapers (10 - 40 lbs), or FuzziBunz Perfect Size cloth diapers (on clearance - get them while they last!)

  2. Buy Your Stash. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of diapers to get you through each day. Newborn babies will generally use 8-12 diapers in a 24 hour period. Since you don't want to be doing laundry every day (to reduce laundering costs and to avoid wearing out your diapers too quickly), we recommend you purchase at least 24 diapers for your newborn - enough for a non-stressful rotation. Once your baby is a little older, at approximately 6 months, you won't have to change diapers as frequently. At this point you can have fewer diapers and still not have to do laundry as often. If you are late to this fun cloth diapering game - we recommend about 18 diapers for your 6+ month baby and that you start with the One Size Adjustable (10 - 40 lbs) diaper.

  3. Purchase Accessories. We recommend 2 Diaper Pail liners, 20 - 30 Wonder Wipes reusable cloth wipes, and 2 Diaper Totes for On-The-Go diapering. Visit FuzziBunz Accessories to shop all related accessories.

  4. Prep Your Diapers. Once your diapers arrive, you’ll want to separate the insert from the pocket opening. Wash and dry the organic hemp/cotton inserts 3 - 5 times before use to "prep" them to absorb more. The outer shells (the colored and fleece-y part) only need to be washed once before use. Then follow our basic FuzziBunz Care and Use Instructions. Once they are laundered, you’ll want to stuff each diaper with the provided insert. If you have a FuzziBunz One Size diaper, you’ll want to adjust the internal elastic in the leg openings and waist.

  5. Diaper Away! Snap On. Take Off. Wash. Re-Use. Using cloth diapers can be so rewarding. Not only is your baby’s bottom covered in soft, fluffy goodness, but you’re also doing your part to keep trash out of our landfills (and saving $2000 per child)! Smile. Feel good. You did the right thing!

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