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    What's the difference between the FuzziBunz B-Series Cloth Diapers and our original FuzziBunz? Well...let us tell you. 

    FuzziBunz has always been a product that strives for excellence and innovation in design, and we still do. However, we recognize that the cloth diapering community is made up of families where budget is also a major contributing factor in everyday living. We feel ya!! 

    The FuzziBunz Adjustable Diapers are feature rich, using the nicest materials we can find and sparing little expense on quality and we are always looking for ways to improve!  If you have ever turned our diapers inside out you will know what we mean. Rip-stop facings, colorful snaps, luxurious fleece, labor intensive adjustable elastic and organic inserts all add to the price of our diapers. 

    The New B-Series from FuzziBunz is a standard stay dry pocket diaper which FuzziBunz invented in 2000. It uses rise snaps to adjust from small, medium and large sizes and does not come standard with an insert. The elastic is sewn in (not replaceable) so it does run the risk of losing its elasticity over time. 

    We do not claim any proprietary rights to this product, this is a standard diaper that is made widely under a variety of different brand names, many of which are imported directly to the United States from China which hurts American run businesses. But rest assured this diaper meets all quality standards that we have for our other products and is made in the same highly vetted and 3x audited factory as our other products. 

    We are offering our beautifully designed prints to add style and fashion to your collection regardless of budget, shipping directly to you from our US based warehouse and customer service and warranty if you ever need it. 

    Here is a quick overview of the differences between these two products to help make your buying decisions easier. 

    So if bells and whistles are your thing, and you want the very best choose our original One Size Diapers. If you want a product that does the trick, is just as cute on your baby, budget is important to you and you prefer to support a US based company then the B-Line may be just the solution you are looking for.