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    FuzziBunz First Year Diapers - Newborn to 18 Months

    Whats so special about the FuzziBunz First Year Diapers? 

    Newborn diapers fit for only a small period of time before needing to size up and One Size Diaper don't fit well until about 3-6 months. The First Year Diaper is a highly adjustable pocket diaper made with our signature FANTASTIC ELASTIC system so it grows with your baby from the newborn stage through the first year. 

    • Sized smaller than one size diapers to fit newborns
    • A good investment - it lasts over 18 months 
    • 6-24 Pounds
    • 0-18 Months 
    • Replaceable Elastic System
    • Over 30+ Sizing Adjustments - Custom Fit!