Sweet Liliahna - Baby of The Week

It's time once again for our Baby of the Week! This is week #3, and we are so glad you are here with us to welcome baby Liliahna, and her mama, Naomi! Naomi and baby Liliahna have just started their cloth diapering journey (it's been one month!) and are happily sharing their experience with us thus far. FB: How old is Liliahna? Naomi: She is 6 months old. FB: Has she started solids? If so, what is her favorite food? Naomi: She is exclusively breastfed, but likes gnawing on apples and carrots. No teeth yet. ;) FB: Why did you make the cloth diaper switch? Naomi: I initially planned on using cloth from day obe but did not have the adequate amount of diapers to keep up with a newborn and her many changes. So I decided once the newborn stage was over and I had a chance to add to my small stash, I’d immediately switch! I also chose cloth because of the IMMENSE financial savings and because I didn’t like the idea of having chemical filled diapers on my baby’s soft new baby bum all day. Disposables really scarred her precious skin from all the friction and I hated seeing her skin get chapped and scraped :( it was leaving scars FB: What is your favorite aspect of cloth diapering? Naomi: Not ever having to think, UGH Im almost out of diapers AGAIN!” We use cloth wipes as well and I love that we don’t have trash bags full of diapers and wipes piling up in our home nor in a landfill. Plus, she looks so adorable in them! It makes me so happy that she’s comfy FB: Do you have any tips for moms making the switch? Naomi: Talk to someone who has no issues with laundry routine and establish a good one before its to late! I’m glad I was able to find great help and started out on the right foot! It truly is SO easy and affordable. Want to have your baby be our baby of the week?  Send your photos to  Make sure to use code FLUFFLOVE to receive an extra 10% off of ALL purchases :)
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