How to Know When It's Time to Change Your FuzziBunz Elastics

One of the major components of FuzziBunz Adjustable diapers that sets us apart from other cloth diaper brands is our Fantastic Elastic System. This means that the waist and leg elastics are completely adjustable, removable, and replaceable, which can extend the life of your diapers well past the point where other cloth diapers begin to wear out and become unusable. But how do you know when to change them out?


  • When they relax. If you have been using your FuzziBunz for a year or more, and you start to notice that no matter how tightly you adjust the elastics they just don’t seem to “grab” the way they used to, then they are probably wearing out and need to be swapped out for fresh elastics.


  • They snap, crackle, or pop. A few summers ago I took my bathing suit out of a vacuum seal bag in our bedroom closet and was shocked to discover that all of the elastic had deteriorated and “crunched” when I pulled on it. Rats! Well, the same thing happens to cloth diaper elastics, and a big part of avoiding this scenario is proper storage. Keep your cloth diapers somewhere that is somewhat climate-controlled (between about 45°F – 75°F), and if you are storing them for a long period of time put them in something breathable like a pillowcase, not in a vacuum-seal bag or air-tight plastic bin. If you discover this phenomenon when you take your FuzziBunz out of storage, swap ‘em out!


  • If they don’t exist! Maybe you received some second-hand FuzziBunz that didn’t come with elastics. Surprise! We make it easy to “install” new ones with our Replacement Elastic Kits. 


More than likely you’ll know exactly when it’s time to refresh the elastics in your FuzziBunz, and here’s a tip for making it a little easier when the time does come: Attach one end of the elastic and then loop a safety pin or crochet hook through the last button hole at the opposite end of the elastic and thread it through to the other side. Done!

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