How to get the most out of your FuzziBunz cloth diapers

FuzziBunz - like any other cloth diaper - will one day wear out. It is inevitable, especially considering the fact that cloth diapers will be the most used and abused clothing article in your household! But how can you make sure you’re getting the longest wear from your FuzziBunz diapers? Here are some of our recommendations: 1) Always follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. It may be tempting to run the diapers through a heavy duty or sanitary cycle, use bleach, dry on high heat, etc., but these actions can prematurely break down the PUL and elastics in your FuzziBunz! A simple cold pre-rinse, hot wash with gentle detergent and an extra cold rinse is usually the perfect routine for getting them thoroughly clean. 2) Make sure you have the correct fit on your child. If you are using the First Year or One Size diapers, it can seem a little time-consuming to size them all at first. But if you take one diaper and work with it until you get the perfect fit, you will be saving your elastics in the long run! If the elastics are too snug, it will stretch them out and can cause early deterioration. You want the diapers to fit snugly, but not so tight that they leave painful-looking red marks on your child’s skin when the diaper is removed. Light red marks are perfectly normal (think of the markings left behind from your socks or jeans). 3) Line dry whenever possible. If you are able, drying the diapers out in the fresh air as opposed to the dryer can definitely help lengthen the lifespan of your diapers. The air is much gentler than the forced hot air of the dryer - even in summer - and as an added bonus the sun can help lighten or eliminate stains! 4) Let your diapers cool completely before stuffing them. When you try to stuff your diapers while they’re still hot out of the dryer, it can not only be more difficult because the PUL may feel tacky, but also stretching elastics when they are hot is not advisable as it can cause them to wear out prematurely. 5) If you can, collect a large stash! I am chuckling to myself because I know how obsessed passionate cloth diaperers can be about collecting the latest awesome colors and prints from their favorite diaper brands. I have been there. Twice. But in all seriousness, the bigger your stash, the less each diaper will be washed and dried, thus saving the critical components needed for a fully-functioning diaper. These are simple tips to help you keep your FuzziBunz going strong for as long as possible! If you ever have questions about the care of your diapers, please don’t hesitate to contact our awesome customer service team at
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