Behind the FuzziBunz Brand with Tereson Dupuy

We sat down with our fearless leader Tereson Dupuy to talk a little bit about the brand!  She started this business full of passion and zeal and continues to work hard to bring you the best possible products.  Check out her thoughts on the cloth diaper industry today, her encounter with the Sharks, and what she thinks is plaguing the cloth diaper community!

What is the FuzziBunz difference?

The FuzziBunz difference is far more than just features and benefits, its what the brand stands for. We can say that the brand is more adjustable and more sustainable but WHY have we made it so? FuzziBunz were born out of my need for a better cloth diaper for my son, it evolved into much more however.


What is one word that sums up FuzziBunz?

If there were one word to sum up what FuzziBunz stands for as a brand it would be innovation. We strive to provide parents with products that are different and better than the majority of products on the market and continue to do so. When FuzziBunz was invented 15 years ago there were no such thing as “pocket diapers” as they are known today and no one was using fleece. That advent of something new and different arose from my own dissatisfaction with what was currently available and changed the way people felt about cloth diapers. To this day, people’s minds are being changed. When the “one size” diaper craze hit in 2006, FuzziBunz was forced to innovate yet again and answer the craze with its own version of a “one size” diaper incorporating adjustable and replaceable elastic instead of snaps down the front of the diaper that most one size diapers incorporate. As an inventor and as a former cloth-diapering parent, I tend to see things from a different perspective. I am always asking myself “how can we do better” and we continue to do so.


Why is using cloth so important for future generations?

It is a fact that we are destroying the Earth with our “throw away society” in which we all currently exist. I do believe however that the little things make a big difference and using cloth diapers is NOT a little thing. For every baby that uses cloth diapers there are 1 ton of disposables kept out of landfills. If we do not start preserving and caring for our planet and teaching our children to do the same, I fear that there will be no more beauty left in the world for future generations.


What is so unique about the FuzziBunz team?

The thing that makes our team unique (and maybe less so as we progress with technology) is that not one of us lives in the same area code. We have a fully virtual structure with team members living from Napa to Maine and New Orleans to Morrocco. This virtual environment has enabled me find the talent needed without the confines of geography. It has also enabled us all to be able to work from home and be present for our families and children as that is a key value we support.


The Sharks said NO but that didn’t stop you.  What kept you going even through the adversity?

The Sharks did say no and I am glad they did. Honestly, if I were sitting on the other end of that table I don’t think I would have invested in FuzziBunz at that time either. There were too many obstacles working against me. What I did get from the Sharks however was respect and I am not sure you can put a price tag on that. I left knowing that even though I had challenges, I had what it took to persevere through them and figure it out. It is that entrepreneurial drive that has kept me going and helps me continue to innovate and bring new products to market.


Please share the biggest misconception about cloth diapers that you feel people have?

I think the biggest misconception today surrounding cloth diapers is the same one that has plagued it from the beginning….that they are too much trouble to deal with. If people really realized how easy and convenient they really are I am positive they would think differently.

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