Baby Parker

It's time once again for our Baby of the Week!! Let's welcome our Week 2 Baby, Parker, and his mama, Shauna! Parker is 6 months old and still fairly new to cloth, but Shauna tells us about their experience so far. FB: What is Parker's favorite food? Shauna: We have only recently introduced solids, but so far homemade green beans are in the lead! FB: How long have you been cloth diapering? Shauna: Parker is our third child, and the first we have cloth diapered, so 6 months. FB: Why did you make the cloth diaper switch? Shauna: We originally decided to cloth for cost savings and a reduction of trash in the environment, both of which have been wonderful, but our little guy has sensitive skin which is not irritated at all by cloth diapers and wipes so we knew we made the right decision for him! FB: What is your favorite component/aspect of cloth diapering? Shauna: For my husband it is not having to rush to the store when our diaper supply is low. For me, I cannot resist our little guy's adorable fluffy butt! FB: Do you have any tips for moms making the switch? Shauna: Do not commit to one brand straight away. There may be good deals on certain brands if you buy more at one time, but if they do not work for your little one you are stuck with an inadequate stash until you can invest in those that work well. FB: Do you have a "Funniest Cloth Diaper Moment?" Shauna: Well, we haven't had many as we are still newbies, but watching my husband put on a CD for the first time was rather amusing to me!   Discount: Use code BOTW to receive 10% off of the perfect size cloth diaper.
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