Baby Of The Week #1 - Lilly

Posted on January 12 2015

Today, we'd like to welcome our very first baby of the week, Lillian!  Adria, Lillian's Mom shared her cloth diapering journey in our Q & A below.  We hope you enjoy! FB: How long have you been cloth diapering? Adria: We started when Lillian was 7 weeks old. We were going to start sooner, but she had some belly button woes, so we held off until it was healed up. We've never looked back! FB: Why did you make the cloth diaper switch? Adria: We decided before she was born that we were going to cloth diaper. I have a few friends who use cloth and it just seemed like a smart idea. I ordered all of her diapers before she was born ­ they were the first baby purchase I made! FB: What is your favorite component/aspect of cloth diapering? Adria: We never run out of diapers, and it's so much less expensive than using disposable. Also, she always smells fresh and clean, and we've had zero blow­outs! FB: Do you have any tips for parents making the switch? Adria: I feel like some of the biggest questions we get are about laundering...I don't find it to be difficult at all, just a few extra loads of laundry each week. But be sure to find a reliable source for information on the best way to wash your diapers ­ it will save a lot of headaches. FB: Do you have a "Funniest Cloth Diaper Moment?" Adria: It was probably her reaction when we put a cloth diaper on her for the first time. She had just found her smile the week before, and as soon as we put on that first FuzziBunz diaper, she smiled so big...her father and I were laughing and smiling right there with her :) Lillian knows what's good for her! ;) Thank you, Adria for giving us a peek into your experiences with cloth diapering! Stay tuned next week for our 2nd Baby of the Week! Every week we will feature a FuzziBunz Mama and Baby for our FuzziBunz Blog! If you'd like to see yourself and your little one featured, please email Social@fuzzibunz.com!  Thanks for reading our blog!  Use code BOTW, to receive an EXTRA 10% off on the perfect size cloth diaper.


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